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2013 GoPro HERO DaNang Triathlon

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  • A triathlon is a swim, cycle and run race in that order for
    individuals and or teams.
  • There are two distances (two races). The OLYMPIC and the
  • The OLYMPIC distance is a 1.5km swim, a 40km cycle and a
    10km run while the SPRINT distance is half of the OLYMPIC.
  • Prizes are for male and female in different age groups and
  • The foreign event participants are typically “professionals” in the
    age range of 25 to 55 however the majority are from 35 to 45 year
    old professionals.
  • Vietnamese participants will include middle aged
    “professionals” and young “new interest competitors” many of
    which are mid to high level income earners.
  • We anticipate a growing Vietnamese participation year on year
    as in the region.
  • Spectator numbers will grow year on year as well.

The 2013 GoPro HERO DaNang Triathlon is set to be another great weekend for DaNang and will be a “major annual event” of community fun in DaNang.

- 200 to 300 competitors from all over Vietnam and within the region

- There is a strong and a growing demand for this in Vietnam

  • 100+ members in the DaNang Cycle Club.
  • 50+ members of Saigon Cycles HCMC.
  • Hanoi Red River Runners.
  • 100’s of 1000’s of International and Local Students (VN)
  • 50+ swimming coaches / professionals in DaNang
  • 4,000 students at the National Sports University in DaNang
  • 60,000 plus university students in DaNang.
  • 1,000’s of footballer players, beach runners and active athletes in
  • DaNang is set to be a regional HOT SPOT for such events and is
    easily accessed from the north or south and regionally.
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Starting in 2012 for some 10 months

  • Pre-registration online and marketing.

Day before event

  • Official Registration.

Event date T.B.C. estimated August / Sept 2013

2013 Go Pro HERO DaNang Triathlon (Main Event)

  • Opening welcome / event briefing the night before.
  • First race (OLYMPIC)
  • Second race (SPRINT)
  • Student races and awards.
  • Day Awards Ceremony and or Awards Dinner / Party.

Post event

  • Stay for the weekend, recover and explore DaNang and surrounds. Post event activities maybe planned.


  • Stunning DaNang – The beaches, the river, monkey mountain and surrounds.


  • Timing - Q3 - 2013
  • 200 – 300+ Triathlon competitors (Vietnamese approx 30%)
  • 300 - 400 Student events
  • 150 – 200 Student and other volunteers
  • 15 – 25 kilometers of stunning DaNang in action
  • 1,000 to 5,000 spectators
  • Local, national and international press / media and advertising.
  • First press conference 6 months out before race day
  • Potentially massive online audience via LIVE FEED where possible with GoPro HERO.
  • Not just a day but a weekend getaway with family fun and activities.


  • Build this event over coming years to be an international “must do” Triathlon.
  • An annual event attracting 100’s of competitors and 1000’s of spectators.
  • Categories: Olympic Triathlon, Sprint Triathlon, Student FUN Run & Cycle, Juniors Run and Children's Run to ready them for years ahead and expose them to such an exciting event.
  • Main age groups: 25 (35 to 45) 55 professionals
  • Secondary: 5 – 23 yrs - High School and University students
  • The Nation of Vietnam will grow into this event in a huge way as in other regional countries.
  • Increase health and fitness awareness
  • Promote fun in the sun and beach life.
  • Increase local, regional and international competition
  • Build local, regional and international tourism.

Build it and they WILL come!



  • Competitors love well organized, professional events which are highly demanded and hard to find in Vietnam.
  • The community at large will recognize and truly appreciate companies and organizations supporting such community events.
  • Vietnamese are enjoying more outdoor activities (seeing is believing – and they saw in 2012)
  • Valuable EXPOSURE is guaranteed to major sponsors!

                 DIAMOND     VND 300 million 
                 GOLD            VND 200 million
                 SILVER          VND 100 million
                 BRONZE       VND   50 million
                 COFFEE        VND  10 million or in-kind.


- Shared naming rights for DIAMOND add 100 million VND (subject to discussion).

- Potential LONG TERM sponsorship rights.

- Sales / merchandizing operations by negotiation.



  • Information area and possible sales booth
  • Website and all pre event marketing
  • Street banners
  • Start and finish banners
  • Registration day exposure / display stand (pre event day)
  • Competitor and VIP goody bag (logo, gift, brochures etc)
  • Official T- shirts
  • Print media / advertising
  • National and local media coverage
  • Verbal acknowledgment throughout event
  • Gala diner event exposure / display stand / acknowledgement
  • Logo on flyers / posters (if before printing deadline) 5,000 – 10,000 units
  • Excellent joint video exposure via GoPro event video (personalized corporate video option at special rate)
  • Exceptional press coverage
  • Exceptional social media and internet coverage.
  • Huge direct community engagement and more “GET CREATIVE”
  • Possible Corporate Teams – YOUR TEAMS !!
  • The above is open to negotiation and subject to change and final approval


  • FULL DETAILS and a breakdown of each sponsorship category will be provided only to those who confirm a “real interest” in the event. We seek your expression of interest.
  • We guarantee to allocate a proportionate level of exposure and VALUE based on sponsorship level and contribution.
  • Your sponsorship will be treated as an investment which shall provide the best possible returns to you.
  • The above is subject to reasonable negotiation, change and final approval in order to satisfy and benefit all parties.



Recent events by silver sun ltd.

DaNang Sandcastle Competition 13th May 2012

  • 60 Teams of 4 =  240+ people competing
  • Organized in just 3 weeks.
  • Facebook -
  • Video
  • Over 1,000 spectators with zero advertising
  • Media – national exposure, VTV, VNN and several top Vietnamese websites and newspapers
  • Exposure of 1 – 2 million people nationwide
  • 2012 Sponsors: GoPro, Hyatt DaNang, Mercure DaNang, Liquid Water Sports, DaNang Beach Travel, others and the people of Da Nang!

The Inaugural 2012 GoPro HERO DaNang Triathlon - 29th September 2012

  • Organized in only 2 months.
  • 75 athletes from many countries including 35 Vietnamese. A true multi-national event.
  • Many athletes flying in from HCMC, HaNoi, Nha Trang and abroad.
  • 270 young Vietnamese and foreigners volunteering and competing in students races.
  • Terrific National Media coverage.
  • 2012 Sponsors: Laguna Lang Co, Mercure DaNang, Revive (Pepsico), Saigon Cycles, Family Medical, Luna Pub and other.
  • Athletes are gearing up for 2013.
  • 2013 will be much better and MUCH bigger.

The Inaugural 2012 GoPro HERO DaNang Triathlon


“ …. well done for organizing such a great event at such short notice, it was a great day and everyone seemed to really enjoy it! It was great to work with you and we would be very happy to support you again next year and any other events in the meantime, it’s great to be more involved with the Danang community through these types of events”

“Thanks so much for a great weekend... well organized and good fun! Here's to a bigger and even better next year!”

“ …. to congratulate you on staging the Danang Triathlon. From what I could see the race went well and from our point of view it was very useful to be involved as a sponsor.“

“ …. thank you very much for organizing the event on Sunday. We had great fun. We will definitely be signing up for the next event.”

“Thanks so much for organizing a great event. …. it was really good fun, and the organization was excellent. It must have taken a lot of effort to coordinate it all - so thanks to you and your team.” CEO Standard Chartered Bank

“ I actually think a Triathlon here could get on a pan-Asia stage.... and participants from all over …..”

get involved – call us today

If you are interested to get involved and be a part of this fantastic event (or other silver sun events) please contact us today:

If you would like to discuss a custom event please contact us.

Ms Phu Nguyen

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Mr Philip Bossley

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A landmark sporting and community event for DaNang and the future of Vietnam and its people.


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